A Rebuke

Is God truly in you, if He can’t flow through you?

When you see those in need, does it do anything to you?

The cry of agony from those beaten by the world, lying strewn across the road.

Does it cause you to stop and help or do you suddenly forget what you’ve been bestowed?

Are words all you offer? Do you avoid and evade?

Or does compassion swell within you and to their side you run to freely offer aid.

It is the latter option which Jesus says, “Go and do constantly the same”.

Yet so few follow His command, always looking for anything else to blame.

What is the point you Levite, if the total of your religious practice is nothing of use?

You ARE your brothers keeper, or are you confused?

The one who takes action has living faith and carry’s their cross to the very end.

The one who withholds will see one day how it could have, and should have been.

We don’t help because it’s easy, we don’t give because it’s fair.

We do so because we love, because we trust, because our faith is more than ritual and prayer.

Oh God, may I never turn a blind eye to the suffering I can relieve.

May my heart never grow cold towards others from the lack of care I’ve received.

May I choose the way of the Good Samaritan, even when it’s hard.

May I forgive the religious hypocrisy that keeps fists clenched and hearts on guard.

We all have something to offer; a kind word, a dollar, a smile.

Maybe look up from your Bible and take a deeper look at those around you once in a while.

So I ask once more to you who do so little but claim so surely that “God does live within”.

If He never moves through you, where is He…again?


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