What If

What if the past doesn’t exist; never existed?

What if who you are right now is who you’ve always been; all you’ve ever been; all you’ll ever be?

What if right now was all there is or all there would ever be?

What if today was the first day, the only day, the last day?

Does this bring you freedom or fright?

Would you change anything?

Are you happy?

Are you at peace?

Do you cling to your past to stand in your present?

Do you clamor for the future to avoid the here and now?

What if you lived every single day exactly as present as you are right now?

What if you were grounded down into every single moment you live?

You felt every breath.

You absorbed every sight, smell, and sound exactly as it happened.

Felt every hug.

Sat in every smile.

Rested in every sigh.

Melted into every loving moment as if falling into a tub of warm honey.

What if this was how life was supposed to feel?

What if living presently was available to you?

Would you do it?

What if.


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