Thanks for stopping by the Millennial Christian Woman blog also known as the Pondering Woman.

However you’ve found your way here, a warm welcome to you. What occupies the largest share of my present ponderings will often find its way into my conversations and eventually my writing. I find much joy in pondering the beauty and tragedy of a human life, especially a life lived spiritually. The ebb and flow of following God in a world both yearning for Him and pushing Him away simultaneously. I love studying and sharing the intricacies of human experiences and relationships; the up’s and down’s and the stillness in between the extremes.

Having been raised in a faith-filled home, I know the glory and agony of being a “Christian”. I am certainly on a journey with my faith. If you look back in the annals of this blog you’ll mostly come across musings of a very passionately assured nature. I enjoy reading these back to myself and still find a lot of hope in them. But as you age you learn that the more you know the less you know. And I love the humility in that and the growth it makes space for. So I’ve taken a couple years away from the pen to start life anew in the Southern Hemisphere with my wonderful husband and re-grow the hunger to write from an even more honest place. I think the point of this blog is to show others that they are not alone in their journey on the narrow road, whatever that may mean for them.

Life isn’t only about the triumphs and big win’s but also failing and learning to fail well. It’s about growing in character and deepening in love and maturity. My goal is to bring hope and a fresh perspective to the unique trials and experiences of a life lived walking in the dark, in the grey, and in the light.

I dislike cold weather and in-authenticity. I like spending quality time in deep conversation with interesting people over chai soy lattes. I love family (by blood or my personal favorite – by choice). And I adore the beauty of frolicking the unknown of God with God and my perfect-in-every-way husband, Nick.

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