The pen always brings me back in.

It brings me back to who I want to be and who I am.

Words are life and power. The ability to create entire worlds.

When you’ve lost yourself for a while they return you to you. 

Writing is such a gift bestowed to us. 

Through it you realize what you know, what you don’t know 

and all the secrets trapped within the crevices of spirit and soul. 

whimsy and despair. 

crushing and glory. 

gain and loss

It can all be understood and reconciled with the pen. 


Pour our the nectar of your ache. 

Become who you behold.  

Turn your back on fear and perfectionism.

Inspire yourself.

We are so much more than the narrow boxes we’re shoved within. 

In God we are eternal.  

And in writing we are unfurled.

let loose.

Make beauty when you cannot find it. 


Write one paragraph, one thought, one word. 



See where it takes you.

You might find you adore exactly where it leads. 

You might find yourself. You might find God. 

You might find secrets. 

You might.

You just might.


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