Musing lasily on love…

[This Song] with its melodic charm combined with God and Brooke Fraser’s remarkable song writing skills, have been the sources of my inspiration today.

It’s no secret that the inner workings of the female mind are far from easy to decipher.  But I must say, far more difficult to understand than the female mind is the female heart. Now that, ladies and gentleman is where the real questions lie.

 I used to have this thing where I felt the need to rush-everything, especially romance. Like there wasn’t enough time. Like I’m 21 now but I’m going to be 80 in the next five minutes. I had this plan for college, and when I would be married and at what age I would have my first, second and third child. Oh yeah, I had it all down. I might add, that during all these years of plans I was far from God and extremely self-indulgent. I immersed myself in a life (for the sake of love), that deep down I knew I shouldn’t have been in and finally in May of 2009 that very dramatic and traumatic era of my life came to an end. Since then God has held me within his hammock of love and took very close care of my heart; guarding it from the many hurts that wanted another go at it. Within the last couple of months, however, He has slowly been untying the strings of the hammock and gently releasing me back on the ground. Heart intact, re-healed and on fire for Christ with more passion and zeal than I could possibly encapsulate with mere words. Now that I am on the ground outside of the cushioned bubble God created around me, hindsight is 20/20. For many years I rushed what should never have been pursued much less hurried along. I controlled, manipulated and schemed to get where I wanted and who I wanted. Oh how much I still had to learn. When it came to matters of the heart, I had it all figured out. I thought I knew where my life was headed and what was going to be best for me in that department. But God had His hand in my life, unbeknownst to me.  The plans I had weren’t destined to come to pass because they weren’t of Him. I could have forced them along, but I would still be in that dark era. Glory to God I listened when He knocked! Now that He has re-captured my life, I am learning to make plans that are flexible and to listen for that still small voice.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” -Matthew 6:34

I say all this to say: I am practicing patience by the grace of God. Daily I am surrounded by women who are in a constant state of worry. They worry about the fact that they’re in their mid-twenties and not married. They worry about their appearance. They worry about their personality. They plan ways to find men and ways to keep them. They have no peace. These women represent where I was headed in a few years if God hadn’t knocked on the door of my heart and rescued me. He is showing me that His way will always be best if I will wait on Him. The moment I get ahead of Him is the moment things begin to go dark. The reason “Love is Waiting” by Brooke Fraser is my inspiration today would be because it completely and beautifully describes my heart and the patience God is developing within it. My future love is out there somewhere. God is mending his heart with mine. I’ll be waiting for you baby… 

‘Til we meet, I’ll be gliding along incandescently happy to date the God of the Universe.

If you’d like, here are the lyrics: \”Love is Waiting\”


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