One foot out the Door.

So I’m new at this whole blog thing, but…

Writing [about whatever] is where I find myself to be the most free and happy. This is my catharsis. It’s the whole, writing-long-somewhat-personal-stuff-for-the-world-to-see thing that is a slightly intimidating frontier for me. However, I’m always up for a challenge.

I must forewarn though, I make no sense half the time.  I confuse myself regularly. Or is it that I make so much sense that it seems like no sense at all? See what I mean.

I look forward to confusing you.

P.S. I passed a girl whose vehicle had two bumper stickers on it today. One read – “Well behaved women rarely make history.” The other said – “Peace”. Ironic?

What I am currently listening to and gaining inspiration from: Carla Bruni – \”Quelqu\’un m\’a dit\”


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