Letters from a Loving Father (Part 2)

Dear Daughter,

He’s a King. The man I have for you is from royal blood. But he’s not a king that has to tell you of his royalty and exploits. He doesn’t get his confidence from boasting or the praises of men. He lives and breathes for My affirmations. His calm, level-headed demeanor will ground you. His presence is thick, surrounding and comforting. His heart for you fills a room with nothing but a glance in your direction.

He will preserve your heart, conquer your enemies, and redefine friendship for you. He will do so much more than provide for your natural needs; he will speak to your supernatural needs. He will honor your dreams and invite you into his. His goal will be to slowly and rhythmically blend each of your lives into one beautiful melody.

Leaving all to lay his life down is natural to him and you will watch this in him from the start. His pursuit of you will be first and steadfast. You will trust his judgment and discernment and freely allow him to lead you through life. His strong but quiet pursuit of righteousness will be evidenced in his relationships, his work, his thoughts and words, and the peace he carries. You will experience My love through him in a way no one will ever be able to show you. You will adore him, My daughter. You will be safe with him. In him…this king…My Princess you will become a Queen. Wait.


With all I am,

Daddy God


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