Ivory Poetry

Listening to dreamy, mystical piano takes me to another realm. It releases me into a dream like state that allows imaginations the analytical brain has no grasp of. It creates within a world I long to live in for eternity. A place of peace; of endless romance and of velvety sunsets spilling out over pastel skies. It makes me feel supernatural, like I can see through walls and direct the wind. It gives hope and reminds me that the story has only just begun.

Ivory poetry. The sound of rustling tree branches with each stroke of the finger. Rhymes hidden to the cold heart. Why doesn’t more of life sound this way? How does this one instrument evoke such emotional response? It speaks straight to my spirit, cutting through the soul.

Its vast depth and colorful levels…I could swim in it all day. Then a musical genius introduces the cello to accompany the melodic charms of the piano and my ears are officially floating upon liquid gold. It’s a secret place within my soul that can be reached and captured through no other means than the blissful arrangement of ivory and string. Sing to me without words. Romance my essence. Bathe me in beauty.

The power of music is wildly unknown. It is the language of love, the language of life. It infuses cells and atoms. It goes where words and thoughts fail to heal the intangible elements of created existence.

Give me more. Give me more. May it never cease, but if it does in perilous times may the sheer memory of it conjure revival.

Listen and swim,



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