Letters from a Loving Father (Part 1)

Dear Daughter,

There is so much that weighs you down. So much you carry that has never been yours to carry. You are strong and you know it so you make yourself feel as if you must carry everything that comes your way. Your capability becomes your prison.

I see your strength because I gave it to you, but I am much stronger. I can carry so much more than you. In fact, if you want to determine and display your strength, try giving Me all that you carry. The strongest thing you can do is give your burden to Someone stronger. To let go. To walk away. So show your strength in release. Show me that you can lean in to Me. You can trust Me.

The weight of your burden has delayed you and caused you to take breaks that you wouldn’t otherwise need to take when you’re not weighed down. Imagine the power, speed, and efficiency with which you could mature and change the world without carrying so much undue weight.

I dare you to let Me take the lead. I dare you to let yourself risk not taking control, not leading, not carrying. Let Me take your weights, then your hands and dance you into your promise. Become weightless with Me. What you carry isn’t worth what you could do in freedom. I can be trusted. Let Me show it. Let Me prove it to you. Just because you know you are strong doesn’t mean you always have to be. Watch what I can do, My beloved.

With all My love,



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