God Isn’t Mad At You! He’s Always In A Good Mood.

What an amazing last few weeks it has been. It seems that ever since I exposed my suffering for the world to read my freedom and sense of purpose has exploded. The Lord is truly at work; reworking my spiritual understanding; adjusting all my perspectives. Goodness, it feels good to grow. I wanted to briefly share one of my largest takeaways from Him so far. I hope it might help set someone else free…

Ready for it?

The only true and perfect Judge sits upon the MERCY seat.

There is only One who is truly fit to judge my life and your life. And yet that Judge delights in showing mercy. (Exodus 25). He doesn’t show us mercy begrudgingly or out of obligation. He loves to! He chooses to sit and rule from the mercy seat. He absolutely delights in being patient with each one of us and in not doling out punishments and condemnations. Contrary to public opinion, He really is kind and actually enjoys not punishing you. In fact, He’s told us “I did not come to condemn the world but to save the world.” (John 3:17). Now that’s good news.

Mercy triumphs over judgment. – James 2:13

He is love. He never steps outside of love to act. Love doesn’t necessarily come without judgment, but there is a time and season for judgement. But that season isn’t now! We are living in the “Year of the Lord’s Favor”. Meaning that in this season, since the cross and until Jesus’ return, our Father is expending far more energy extending mercy, love, grace, peace, and kindness… “sending rain on the just and the unjust” and very little energy sending fire and brimstone. (Matthew 5:45) And guess what? He isn’t just kind and merciful to you and me. He’s all of those things to the entire world. His deepest judgments are reserved for a day that is yet to come. In this current season we ALL sit under an open heaven to go after Him with all of our hearts and minds to receive all we can in Him before the great and dreadful day comes.

I say all of that to say this: I have thought for so many years, especially when life went wrong for me or when I did something “unholy,” that I was under judgment or going to bring some sort of wrath on to my life. Holy cow, people. I’ve sat under some bad theology over the years. I have so much to unlearn. That is not who God is! He is good. He is happy. He’s perpetually in a good mood and He is fascinated by each of us; His creations. And it is this constant kindness of His that leads us to repentance. Not fear of judgment.

He saw how much I questioned Him; how angry I was; how inward and selfish my thoughts towards Him became over the course of the last two years. He watched me sin over and over again. YET He has still picked me up, dusted me off, and begun walking me through all the questions and all the pain. His kindness towards me is literally blowing my mind.

He’s not offended by me. He’s not annoyed with my questions. He’s not angry over my sin. He’s a loving Father sitting with me with compassion in his eyes and love in His voice, reminding me that there is no mistake He can’t forgive and no season of life I can’t come out of through Him. Guys, I literally can’t exaggerate the goodness of God. English fails me to express how wonderful this infinite Being I call “Daddy God” truly is.

So here’s the point:

THERE IS NO MISTAKE, NO QUESTION, NO SIN, NO LIFESTYLE, NO CHOICE, AND NO AMOUNT OF SHAME THAT WILL DISQUALIFY YOU FROM GOD’S LOVE. HE LOVES YOU FULLY, COMPLETELY, AND JUST AS YOU ARE! HE REALLY IS THAT GOOD. THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO KNOW THE ONE WHO IS LOVE AND LIGHT AND ENJOY EACH OTHER. (I wish I could bold that a thousand times deeper to add infinite emphasis!!! Haha.) I know our religiously trained minds want to buck this reality because it sounds too good to be true, but He really is just that loving. Whatever is keeping you bound, I pray it fall from you as you recognize that He is good and will always take you back.

He will never stop delighting in showing you mercy.

He isn’t judging you.

He isn’t angry with you.

He hasn’t left you.

If you’re far from Him, doesn’t life stink without Him? Or maybe you’ve never known Him at all. To you I’d ask, have you ever stopped and taken stock of your life? Are you happy and satisfied, or lonely and exhausted? Have you considered that you don’t have to carry the burden of life all alone? Whoever you may be, God really does love you. He can and will rescue you. Take it from me. It’s pointless to resist how good He is. I’ve had my season of running from Him because of pain. Somehow I must’ve been running in a circle because I’m right back in His arms.

He hasn’t forgotten you. You are so significant and precious to Him. Run to Him. He sits upon the mercy seat just for you. I declare freedom and acceptance over you!! Just receive it!

Your story is only beginning,


P.S. Please please please please please, if you are in a dark season or have recently gone through hell, please take an hour and let this worship set wash over you. Push yourself to press in. I promise you won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “God Isn’t Mad At You! He’s Always In A Good Mood.

  1. Thank you Rachel – my husband & I felt your words of wisdom & love wash over us as we read from Pappa Daddy’s heart through you. Praying for you as you prepare for your trip & next adventure with Jesus at BSSD. Our daughter Natalie is in the same boat, coming from Australia to BSSD in August. 💛

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