Into marvelous light I’m running…

Korea. Yeah this place is a whirlwind in and of itself. From the vibrant nightlife illuminated with neon lights as far as the eye can see, to cuisine that incorporates things you would never think to put together, to passionate Christians that make many supposed ‘followers of Christ’ back in the States look lukewarm at best.  

So much has happened that I couldn’t try to encapsulate them in a brief blog. If you really want to know about it, get in touch with me when I am home and we will get lunch and I will talk your ear off about it, and you will get to have your own Korean experience vicariously through me! But I will try my best to mention some highlights here.  

Daejeon by day

Daejeon by Night

In a city of around 2 million people it is easy to feel lost and like quite the outsider. And you would be foolish to think otherwise! Everything is written in Korean, and everyone speaks Korean! But luckily, many people know some small amount of English or the famous “POINT at what it is that I need” and they understand you. But in my case, I found a church called Christian International Church (or CIC ) here in Daejeon. It is a small congregation of about 150-200 members, and it is a sort of non-denominational church. It is, however, affiliated with the Daejeon International Christian School that is part of the Southern Baptist Church, funny enough. The service was very contemporary with a younger Korean Pastor preaching the message [although normally their Pastor is Mr. Tom Norton an American, but he was back in the states briefly]. The worship was led by a Canadian girl and American man on an acoustic guitar. So great to see other American Christians! We sang many familiar songs like “Hosanna, How Great is Our God, Rescue” etc, which was awesome. It was just great to see, as Pastor Bruce said at church one time, “that God works just as well in other parts of the world as he does in the States”. How true! The most special part of the experience was seeing Korean, American, Canadian, Indonesia, Spanish, well basically every nationality you can think of all worshipping together! How about the Biltmore team come out here sometime?!?!?! Yes that is a good plan. Believe it or not, a man in the congregation went to highschool at A.C. Reynolds and lived most of his life in Asheville before moving to Korea! Small world.  

If only I could tell you the amount of Christians, and overall good people God has put in my path all along the way so far. I cannot wait to see what else happens and who else comes along. God is so good! I cannot yet decipher whether it is definitely His will for me to come back for a longer stay in the fall, but regardless I am so happy and content to be here and watch Him work through me and around me in a completely new adventure in my life. For those who read this, please continue to pray that God totally wreck me throughout this journey and that my eyes be re-opened and my heart renewed to the things of Him. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. More pictures will be going up on facebook, so stay tuned!  

Our trip to the DMZ is this week. That should be interesting. More of my adventure is yet to come.  

Motivational song of this trip at present \”Fire Fall Down\” by Hillsong United. Enjoy.


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